​Are you searching for the perfect addition to your team? 

Connecting with exceptional candidates isn’t always easy. Qualified talent is consistently in high demand, and very often, the most qualified professionals are not looking to immediately change jobs. Finding the right fit can often be time-consuming and costly. 

As your hiring solutions partner, JAC Recruitment can streamline this process on your behalf, introducing high-level candidates from a wide range of industries, with efficiency and a thorough understanding of local hiring markets. With an international candidate database of highly qualified professionals from 11 international regions, we specialise in building professional connections that matter.  


"Founded in the UK in 1975, JAC Recruitment now serves 11 countries throughout Europe and Asia."


"Our expert consultants specialise in connecting highly skilled talent with the best companies worldwide."


"We understand that companies are driven by highly engaged and dedicated staff. Professionalism and sincerity in making the right connections is paramount in our values." 

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Our Network

With offices across Europe and Asia, we are well connected and well-positioned to meet the hiring needs of MNC's.

​JAC Recruitment Korea


Since JAC Recruitment Korea has begun its first step in 2011, We have been finding jobs and futures for a diverse range of human resources to many global companies based in Korea. Our highly skilled consultants who are trained for their specialized industry has been connecting the perfect candidate to the right position they are supposed to belong. These candidates have used their skills to lead the company towards the brighter future which benefits the clients and the candidate and our fame. We have been handling not only Seoul area, but also entire Korea as like Busan and Daegu where big companies manufacturing factories are located.

"Contribution to society begins from connecting people and firm"

JAC Recruitment Korea
Managing Director
Yuichiro Tsuchiyama