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JAC Recruitment started in 1975 in London, England and has grown rapidly over the decades. We now operate in 11 countries, with 24 offices Across Asia and Europe. Additionally, there are over 1,200 specialist consultants who believe in making the right connections for both client and candidate. It is this strongly held belief that has allowed us to cement our place as one of the leaders in the recruitment industry today.




While there are many contributing factors to JAC Recruitment Group’s success, it is mostly due to a fundamental belief in “Tsunagu”, which has long been held as the core element of our corporate identity.

Directly translated, “Tsunagu” means to pass, to link, or to continue. It is therefore befitting that “Tsunagu” underpins our corporate culture, which is a fusion of the attentive, high-quality service, second nature to the Japanese, and a global mindset that has been developed in the UK.

Our Philosophy & Policy

While Tsunagu underpins our corporate culture, our Philosophy & Policy is the foundation for the values we consistently uphold. Our philosophy comprises values that embody our thinking - freedom & discipline and fairness. Our policy places its emphasis on actions taken - speed, sincerity and attitude. Together, our philosophy and policy form the “mind and body” of JAC Recruitment Group.

Philosophy: Freedom & Discipline, Fairness
Policy: Speed, Sincerity, Attitude

JAC Recruitment Korea

Since JAC Recruitment Korea has begun its first step in 2011, We have been finding jobs and futures for diverse range of human resources to many global companies based in Korea. Our highly skilled consultants who are trained for their specialized industry has been connecting the perfect candidate to the right position they are supposed to belong. These candidates have used their skills to lead the company towards the brighter future which benefits the clients and the candidate and our fame. We have been handling not only Seoul area, but also entire Korea as like Busan and Daegu where big companies manufacturing factories are located.

Contribution to society begins from connecting people and firm

JAC Recruitment Korea. Yuichiro Tsuchiyama - Managing Director

Areas Of Specialisation

The industry spans a wide range of industries, including manufacturers and trading companies of electrical, electronic, chemical, mechanical, and automotive parts, as well as consumer goods, distribution, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical equipment, finance, logistics, communications, software, web, and service industries. Is a sale, sales engineer, marketing, purchasing, logistics, financial accounting, human resources, general affairs, system, trade / sales affairs, interpreter / translator, secretary, etc. Warranty, production management, production technology, FAE, etc.).

We have trained our consultants in their own field, so they can interact with the special skilled position with the proper knowledge to enhance of better knowledge of the relationship between the employer and employee.

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JAC Recruitment Korea is continuously committed to contributing to the growth of individuals, companies, economies and societies. Please view the video below to learn more about us. 

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