STEP1 Registration

Please register using our online registration function to the JAC Recruitment services. In Addition, We are also receiving the telephone and the direct inquiry by e-mail. You can apply for positions advertised on our website. Also, once registration has been completed, a consultant will contact you within 1 week. Please contact us if you don't receive any contact from us with in 1 week. We don't charge any recruitment service fee to candidate.

STEP2 Internal Interview (Career Consulting and Introduction of Opportunities)

After registration, you will meet with a consultant who is familiar with your preferred industries and roles. Together, with the consultant, you will put your experience, skill and personal strengths in order, and describe your potential future career path. The consultant will also kindly offer you tips on appropriate resume writing (Japanese and English resume) and career profile, and introduce you to career opportunities which your skills and interests match. *Note: If you are currently based overseas or far from our office, or visiting our office is otherwise difficult, we will be happy to contact you via telephone or e-mail.

STEP3 Application - Screening - Interview

If there is a position you are interested in applying for that matches your qualifications, after confirming your decision, we will recommend you to the client. We arrange interview date and time if clients would like to interview. Our career consultant will inform interview review to you after checking both parties.

STEP4 Offer & Start Work

Our consultant will contact you once the client makes an offer, and assist you with the details of negotiation on working conditions, including start date and salary. The consultant will also support you in making a smooth transition to your new employer.

STEP5 Follow-up After Starting

JAC Recruitment follows up candidate after commencing new career. We can counsel any problem to solve for your long time career and happy working environment. Please contact our career consultant if you need our help for your career plan.